Frequent questions

The answers to the most common questions about Uba Hostel

The hostel and its facilities

What is a Hostel or tourist lodge?

A Hostel or Tourist Hostel is good quality economic accommodation where you will spend a good night, in a cozy atmosphere at affordable prices. Hostels are an ideal way to explore a city or a tourist destination with little money and meet different people from different cultures.

Do I need to bring bed linen and towels?

Bed linen is included in the price. Towels can be rented.

What services does Uba Hostel offer?

The hostel offers many services; free wifi throughout the facility, laundry, bar-restaurant, parking, towel rental, tourist information, television screens in common areas…

Are there adapted rooms?

Yes. The hostel has several adapted rooms.

Is it possible to cook in the hostel?

No. We have a bar-restaurant where you can access all its services.

Is the hostel open all day?

Is the hotel open all day: with your card you can come and go whenever you want. Is the hotel open all day?

Is there a left-luggage office, luggage room or valuables boxes?

Free service.


Can I make a reservation at the hostel in advance?

Yes, we always advise making any reservation in advance, since, if not, there is a risk of not finding a place.

How do you make a reservation?

It is very simple. You must go to our website, fill out the form, check, and follow the instructions.


Are hostels a good place to spend a family vacation?

Yes of course. It is a pleasant and welcoming environment. If you try spending a vacation in a hostel, you will surely repeat.