We are an inclusive employment project

UBA Hostel is part of an innovative inclusive employment project that creates job opportunities and improves the employment prospects of groups with special difficulties in finding work. This initiative embodies a commitment by Sociedad Fomento de San Sebastián, which runs the employment integration enterprise Suspertu S.L, promoted by EDE Fundazioa.

​UBA Hostel’s employment project is committed to driving innovative employment policies, as well as promoting basic training, work qualifications and guidance to facilitate access to employment for people facing temporary difficulties in accessing it, as well as providing unpaid work experience. Furthermore, this project provides an opportunity to pilot new initiatives, for example, related to entrepreneurship in the leisure-tourism sector, the acquisition of new skills, etc.

At Suspertu, we seek to combine employment integration for people with temporary difficulties in entering the labour market with the quality of our services and facilities.
We are passionate about high-quality service, attention to detail and the art of serving, listening to and addressing the needs of our customers.

We want you to feel like a key part of a project that, besides giving you enjoyment and making you feel at home, aims to help make Donostia-San Sebastian an even friendlier and more caring city than it already is!